Fraternal Order of Eagles

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FOE Aerie 2338  2020-2021 Officer

Aerie Officers

President:                  Tom Riedel

Jr. Past President:    Rose Holburn

Vice President:          Larry Kalsco

Chaplain:                  Francis Nicholson

Secretary:                 Charol Riedel

Treasurer:                  Larry Murtha

Conductor:                Larry Tibbetts

Inside Guard:            Ursula Leon-Guerrero

Outside Guard:         Liz Stockton

Trustee:                     Larry Kalsco

Trustee:                     Chuck Fisher

Trustee:                      Austin Miller

Trustee:                      Ralph Johnson

Trustee:                      Rose Holburn

Trustee:                      Joseph Leon-Guerrero  

Trustee:                      Brian Reeves

Auditor:                       Nancy Grant

Aerie Mother:             Julia Denis

Aerie Father:              Stan Carson

Auxiliary Officers

President:                 Helen Yahn

Jr. Past President:   Sharon Mathis

Vice President:         Shelia Miller

Chaplain:                  Rena Barrier

Conductor:              Suzie Viloria

Secretary:                 Michelle Manicci

Treasurer:                 Julia Denis

Inside Guard:            Ann Hilliard

Outside Guard:         

Trustee:                     Marci Graham

Trustee:                     Mary Brown

Trustee:                     Patty Bates

Auditor:                      Suzie Viloria

Perm. Mother:          Jeannie McLaughlin

Aux. Mother:             Helen Yahn

Aux Father:               Ed Gadberry